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> Quoting Zhang Weiwu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > I wish to achieve the effect to add a deep pucker on the skin, as of
> > the bone is broken underneath the sking or there is a joint underneath.
> > Or should I use the word "wrinkle" or "crinkle", I am not sure. I am a
> > new gimp user who just managed to learn conceptual things like layers,
> > path, selection, mask and channel, and now I don't know where to start
> > to read if I wish to get it done.
> You might try using the "Grow" and "Shrink" options of the IWarp  
> filter ("Filters->Distorts->IWarp...").

Thanks. Actually I tried these things first, this is the first plugin I
managed to use, it can hardly achieve the effect having "pucker" on the
skin. I knew it's difficult to express what I wish to have, thus here is
attached a picture of sking with no pucker and a picture sking with a
"pucker". Have a look at the screen you can also correct my expression
(actually, I am not sure at all of pucker is the right word).

<<attachment: nopucker.jpg>>

<<attachment: pucker.jpg>>

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