On Friday 06 March 2009, aether wrote:
> And I haven't even opened it yet!
> I recently went to open GIMP, and right when I thought GIMP had
> finished initializing, I got a dialog box that said GIMP needed
> to close.  I was never able to open GIMP after that.
> So I uninstalled GIMP and used Search to clean out all of the
> stray bits left scattered around.  I then downloaded a new copy
> of GIMP 2.6.5.  But this new copy is doing exactly the same
> thing.
> I'm honestly not even sure how to go about fixing this one.  This
> sounds to me like I might have a problem on my end--if only
> because this problem doesn't seem to be happening to anybody else
> out there.  But I don't know where to start looking for the
> problem if it's on my end.  I've not added any new software since
> the last time I was able to use GIMP.
> I would greatly appreciate any advice here, even if it's only of
> a general nature telling me how I should approach this problem.
> Thanks a lot.

You don't say what operating system you are using so I can only 
assume it is some linux distro.

The first place I would look would be my home directory 
(/home/yourname). You will want to have your filemanager settings 
set such that you can see hiddenfiles and directories.

There should be a folder something like /home/yourname/.gimp-2.6
rename this directory (that way you can always go back to it if you 
want). If you find hidden directories for older versions of gimp 
you should rename those as well. Then try starting gimp again 
(preferably from a console window, that way you can watch for error 
messages). If all goes well gimp will work for you now. If not, you 
will hopefully find some useful info in the console window.

On the off chance that you are using a less popular operating system 
(windows for example) it should be possible to addapt these 
instructions, I'm just not familiar with exactly where gimp keeps 
its settings on those systems.

good luck
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