On Tuesday 10 March 2009, aether wrote:
> Hi, again.
> I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me with GIMP.  I
> have checked everything you've suggested, and I find nothing at
> all.
> The exception is the application event viewer, and I don't know
> how to use that.
> I looked all through the error messages that were generated when
> GIMP had to shut down.  There were many pages specs on lots of
> modules, but it meant nothing to me.  There was nothing like a
> concluding message at the bottom.  In fact, the last 10 pages of
> the bug report generated for GIMP was nothing but code--it looked
> like GIMP wanted to see my whole Registry!
> I uninstalled GIMP again--and scrubbed out every last bit of
> clutter left behind.  I then installed an earlier version of
> GIMP, 2.6.4.  But no luck; it shut itself down the instant before
> it was ready to open.
> Thanks for your time here,
> Andy

Sorry I can't help more, winders just ain't my gig
But if it were I would suggest 2 last things, kind of related to 
each other.

If I remember right there may be more than 1 source of gimp for 
windows, in the old days we had to install gtk separately from 
gimp, the installer I have used recently took care of this for me, 
but you might look at what is installed gtk wise. (should show up 
in add remove programs.
Also if people knew where your gimp came from that might help also.
(you might also find some help on that site.)

Abiword is another program that uses gtk, you could try installing 
that, if abiword works, give gimp one more try.

Good luck

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