dh, hi.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me with GIMP.

Sorry about not giving you the spec on my system, but I was actually kind of
hoping that there'd be a number of others who had had this problem and would
know right off where the glitch was.

I'm not finding much of anything about this on the web, though, so I'm
starting to worry a little.

About my system, I'm using WindowsXP Pro.  I've got all of the updates,
including the Service Packs.  (I've been wanting to switch to Linux for years,
but Windows did a lot of growing up with XP, so I'm kind of reluctant to
switch from the problems I *know* to the problems I don't know!  I have no
doubt that Linux is the better OS.  But there is just a ton of support and
development behind Windows, so the choice isn't an easy one.  Especially when
you're busy!)

dh, about my GIMP, I'm not sure I follow what you're telling me.

Yes, I can find the executable file and all of the associated folders for
GIMP in my system.  And I am very familiar with showing the hidden files.  (I
actually would like to have a 1-click button on my desktop for that!  I'm
thinking maybe I can configure a Widget or some other little stand-alone ap.)

I don't yet know how I can watch for error messages in something like a
console, but I've got a brother who can tell me what you mean.

Are you saying that I may find an error message in the console that will give
me some indication as to the problem with GIMP?  If so, I may already have
that info.

When GIMP fails to load, I get a message telling me why.  I can ask that
message for details, and I've saved some of that.  The problem is that the
info doesn't mean anything to me.  I thought I could go to the GIMP folks and
ask them, but the GIMP site didn't look like it was really set up to handle
queries from the public.

Also, GIMP generates an error report that is huge.  I'm sure that the folks
at GIMP would scroll down to exactly the info they needed to help me, but I
don't really know what to look for.

If I can dig out the critical bits in the error report, do you think anybody
here on GIMPusers could help me with it?  Would you know about that sort of

Thanks a lot,


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