On Saturday 07 March 2009, aether wrote:
> dh, hi.
>When GIMP fails to load, I get a message telling me why.  I can ask 
>thatmessage for details, and I've saved some of that.

That kind of info will really help you to get more authorative 
responses from the list

> If I can dig out the critical bits in the error report, do you
> think anybody here on GIMPusers could help me with it?  Would you
> know about that sort of thing?

you bet
> Thanks a lot,
> Andy

Pardon me if I'm redundant here (I'm typing w/out re-reading your 
whole message)

usually I find the most relevant errors near the bottom of the 
console output

something like start menu -> run
type cmd in the dialog box
the cli window will open

I think in windows you can just drag the program file  (gimp.exe) 
onto the cli menu and it will auto enter the command for you. 
Otherwise you need to type something like 
c:\program files\gimp-2.6\bin\gimp.exe
this will start gimp and show you what is happening while the 
program runs.

messages will scroll by as you mentioned but the few lines 
before "segfault" or "gimp is exiting" should show you what caused 
the crash.

As for gimps user related files thew should be found in something 
c:\Documents and Settings\yourname\.gimp-2.6

You have pretty much exhausted my windows knowledge but writing back 
to the list w/ the results of this info may help someone else help 

Best of luck
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