Hi, again.

I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me with GIMP.  I have checked
everything you've suggested, and I find nothing at all.

The exception is the application event viewer, and I don't know how to use

I looked all through the error messages that were generated when GIMP had to
shut down.  There were many pages specs on lots of modules, but it meant
nothing to me.  There was nothing like a concluding message at the bottom.  In
fact, the last 10 pages of the bug report generated for GIMP was nothing but
code--it looked like GIMP wanted to see my whole Registry!

I uninstalled GIMP again--and scrubbed out every last bit of clutter left
behind.  I then installed an earlier version of GIMP, 2.6.4.  But no luck; it
shut itself down the instant before it was ready to open.

I am about ready to give up on GIMP.  Maybe in a year or so I'll try it

In this case, I really think I need to talk with somebody at GIMP or with an
expert users forum.  GIMP has no public access, though, and I've not found any
kind of expert forum (i.e., not one that deals with GIMP use and

Any last suggestions here?

I was starting to like GIMP, especially since it was shareware, but I can use
PhotoShop and PSP for awhile.

I'll check back later, just in case you guys have any ideas about where I
might go with this.

Thanks for your time here,


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