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> At this point, I think my best bet is to somehow reach GIMP, but I don't yet
> see any way of doing that.

So you just have probed that "at least" you have overlooked two pages
without understanding what they mean:
www.gimp.org that has links with info about mail lists and IRC

http://www.gimpusers.com/forums/gimp-user/ which explicitely says:
This forum is connected to the gimp-user mailing list.

So, yes, you have reached the gimp developers, but still you have not
provided any valuable info that helps them to help you.

You have been asked about the console output for example, maybe you
don't understand all this garbage, but hopefully someone else will
understand it, so please, copy it (all it, not just the end) to a place
on the web and put the link here. Of course after inspecting that it
doesn't contains sensible information.

Can I suggest this read?

Hope this helps

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