Pere (and David and Martin and all), 

THANK YOU for your note.

You are right that I didn't understand that being connected to the gimp-user
mailing list meant that I had the ear of the gimp developers. 

And, yes, absolutely, if posting the console output will help, I can do

Later, . . . I was wrong.  I cannot post the output; at least, I know of no
way to do so.

I thought I could just copy-and-paste the text contents of the 3 pop-up
dialog boxes I got from GIMP.  The first two of the boxes are titled,
"gimp-2.6.exe."  The 3rd box is titled, "Error Report Contents."

But the contents of the boxes are like image files (rather than text). 
Still, I figured I could just copy the lines as image files and then carefully
put them all together for you.

The 3rd box, with all of the hairy lines of info, was going to take some
doing.  Just now, after coping and saving the 4th page of the text as an image
file, I stopped to count how many pages I might have to copy.  There are no
line numbers, but I think we're talking about well over 100 pages of this
text.  I'd have been OK copying about 30 pages and then putting them together
for the GIMP crew, but 100+ pages is too much.

I'm sorry I don't know any way to get this info posted.  The boxes all say
that the info is being sent back to GIMP, and I'm glad about that.  But I
don't imagine there's any way for GIMP to deal with any individual error

I will check back here in a day or so.

Thank you, again, for your help,


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