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> I've read the documentation several times and every tutorial I could get my
> hands on, but I still can't make any sense out of how to properly use
> layers..
> For example, I want to merge two pictures, by taking some regions from one
> picture and some from another. I though I could do this by making unwanted
> regions transparent - this seems obvious. I also tried some other techniques
> basd on a few tutorials, but none seemed to work well.

The best way to merge two pictures is probably to copy the relevant part
of the first one (make a selection with one of the numerous tools and
copy it) and then to paste it into the other picture. Then you have a
new floating selection on this picture, and you may decide whether you
want to immediately merge it into the background, or probably better,
you prefer to make it a new layer.

> But I simply don't get results that make any sense. The vagueness of the
> docuemntation and being unable to find any other guide is not helping.

I'm much more suspecting the vagueness of your explanations: what
exactly are you doing, and what results do you get?

> Is this a case where GIMP simply makes it so difficult compared to Photoshop
> that I'd be better off buying a Windows machine and using Photoshop?

Certainly not. Using layers is really basic in GIMP, and anybody can
manage to do this. By all means, don't buy anything more, you already
have all what you need!

> I wanted to use GIMP for my photo manipulation. I had assumed after all these
> years that it was usable. I hope I'm not forced to go to Photoshop over
> something simple like this.

GIMP is very suited to photo manipulation. Ask the proper questions and
you will get useful answers.

> If there's no chance that GIMP can be used as efficiently as photoshop,
> perhaps it would be sensible to give up sooner rather than later. But this is
> a big expense for me, at the least I'll need to buy a second machine, or give
> up on Linux on the desktop altogether.

Already said, already answered.

> It's so tragic that after all these years, GIMP's user interface has seen no
> improvement. I had hoped that at least the documentation would be useful.

What are your specific criticisms about the interface and the


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