On 08/25/2009 07:23 PM, thomas w. wrote:
> I've read the documentation several times and every tutorial I could get my
> hands on, but I still can't make any sense out of how to properly use
> layers..
> For example, I want to merge two pictures, by taking some regions from one
> picture and some from another.


This seems like the first thing you need to grasp about layers: layers 
are not supposed to be merged, the whole point of layers is that they 
allow you to divide an image into several independent parts.

Instead of merging, you could add a layer mask to the top-most layer and 
get rid of the parts you don't want using the mask.

> It's so tragic that after all these years, GIMP's user interface has seen no
> improvement. I had hoped that at least the documentation would be useful.

GIMP development happens slowly but steadily. Being completely ignorant 
about the efforts that have been made to improve the GIMP UI lately is a 
good way to demotivate further work to be done. Just have some patience, 
or better, help us improve GIMP instead of complaining.



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