Don't make the mistake to get Photoshop because you think it's easier when in
reality it's just as hard to learn. It's got nothing to do with the interface
but all with the fact that both are complicated programs. 
There is plenty of help if you know how to find it. 
Meet the gimp has been mentioned and you should check that out. A video that
shows you what to do often make things click in your head.

Akkana Peck's book is very good too. Just read it from the start and try to
do all the things she explains yourself. 

There are also many youtube videos on GIMP. A lot for more advanced users but
also some for beginners. 

There's also a video course out on gimp 2.6 by VTC.
Good beginners videos. 12 hours in all. But a bit pricey compared to Akkana's
book and in the end you'll get more info from the book while it is just as
easy to follow. 

Take your time to learn GIMP. Photoshop isn't going to teach you itself by
magic either. You'll need books and tutorials too.  

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