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> o Jason Von Gumster is writing the "GIMP Bible" due out 12 Jan 2010.  
> There must be someone here reviewing it.  Any opinions?  Can we build
> up some pre-publishing buzz?  I'm hoping for the format often seen in
> tech bibles, of a great tutorial first half followed by an equally
> great reference last half.

I am the author of this up-coming book. Nice to meet you. :) I'm
well into the book right now and I can tell you that the way I've
written it, GIMP Bible is predominantly a comprehensive reference with
a variety of specific use cases and tips throughout. That said, I'd be
very much interested in hearing opinions, questions, and suggestions
from GIMP users (and definitely developers too!). It will certainly help
me write a book that more people can benefit from.

Consider this email as an invitation. Feel free to email me directly. I
can't promise that I'll respond immediately, but I will certainly

Take care.

  Jason van Gumster
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