thomas w. wrote:

> I wanted to use GIMP for my photo manipulation. I had assumed after all these
> years that it was usable. I hope I'm not forced to go to Photoshop over
> something simple like this.

GIMP is really good for photo post-processing. I use it a lot; even
though I bought a laptop with some stuff preinstalled, photoshop
elements included. I gave it a couple tries, but I feel more comfortable
with the Gimp (despite the fact that for some particular images I like
the sharpening tool best that the filters/enhance/unsharpen mask in the
Gimp. Overall, I have ended by no using PE at all.

> If there's no chance that GIMP can be used as efficiently as photoshop,
> perhaps it would be sensible to give up sooner rather than later. But this is
> a big expense for me, at the least I'll need to buy a second machine, or give
> up on Linux on the desktop altogether.

The Gimp is a complex and powerful tool, which means it has a learning
curve. But it is not by any means less efficiently usable than
photoshop. If anything, you could say about the lack of support for CMYK
(it is on the way) and bit depth = 8 (improving this is in the way too).

> It's so tragic that after all these years, GIMP's user interface has seen no
> improvement. I had hoped that at least the documentation would be useful.

Concerning to the UI, I'd say that it is matter of tastes. I really like
the Gimp UI; it feels less crammed with stuff, as you can work directly
on the image window, and by using the <tab> key bring the tools window
back and forth. I really hope the Gimp developers are not planning to
'photoshop-ize' it!.
And the documentation is useful enough!

For advise with how to set the layout in the UI, as well as for the
layers stuff, I really recommend visiting For a
lazy guy like me, it really made the difference!
In about 10 chapters, you'll be able to solve the UI and layers stuff,
and maybe you'll feel compelled to watch the rest of the chapters.

Hope it helps


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