Just to continue this thread:

There is at least one other book about GIMP in preparation, due in about
one year if things progress as expected. Its title is not completely
fixed, although we would very much like it to contain the words "GIMP

It will be a somewhat thick book, in two parts. The first part,
"Learning GIMP" (10 chapters) will be mainly a collection of tutorials
and detailed explanations about the main uses of GIMP, with partly
solved exercises. The second part, "GIMP reference manual" (14 chapters)
will be what its name implies, in a presentation very different from the
official GIMP manual. An accompanying DVD will contain all the
illustrations and the source files for manipulations.

The authors will be Karine Delvare and myself. A slightly shorter
version will be published simultaneously in French. The contents omitted
with regards to the English version will be included in the accompanying
DVD. We intend to cover subjects not thoroughly presented in available
books, for example animation (with GIMP-GAP), image pre-processing, or
scanning and printing.

Of course, we are interested in any comment about all this.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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