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> I'm running the latest Ubuntu and it's probably more of a hardware issue than
> a software. When I say "Gimp crashed," I mean that it froze up and then
> exited. I don't know what happened besides that. I have a super old computer
> with three quarters of a gig of ram and it probably was having a hard time
> processing such a big image and shut it down. I don't really know. I was
> working with a 3000 x 3000 image with several layers; it was probably too much
> for the PC to handle, not Gimp. The file's gone, either way. :(

Ooh, that _is_ a big image. What you can do is repartition the hard
drive to give Linux more swap space. It probably ate up all the swap
space and killed itself. Even with the large swap space (say 4 or even
8 G) it will be super-slow (RAM is always faster, obviously), but at
least it won't die easily.

You can also add the system monitor applets to your panel, and monitor
the swap usage (right-click the newly added applet, and you'll find
the appropriate checkbox in the preferences). If swap becomes full,
it's time to save the image and restart Gimp. The history of your
edits contributes to memory usage, so restarting Gimp will free some.

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