Wandered Inn wrote:

> The scsi card that came with your scanner may be like the one that came
> with mine.  It's a stripped down card designed to provide service to
> that scanner.  It may be that if you connect the scanner to a real scsi
> port, as I have with my scanner, it will work.  (Umax S-12)

Yes, that is what I am told too, but I have tried in several combinations,
inkluding alone, to connect it to my Adaptec controller, with no positive
The cable that connects the scanner to the card, is with 25 pins plugs, where
my Adaptec is with 50 pins. I have then tried with another cable 25/50 pins -
still no result. The scanner itself har to plugs, one called 'computer' with
25 pins, and the other called 'SCSI' with 50 pins. That too dosn't work with
the Adaptec.
In the hope of further assistance
Mogens Jęger

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