> The cable that connects the scanner to the card, is with 25 pins plugs, where
> my Adaptec is with 50 pins.
        Okay, that is what I have on my SCSI that my scanner is connected
   to. The card is an Adaptec 2910/aic7850 family. The Adaptec the disks
   are on is also a 50 pin external connector.
>                             I have then tried with another cable 25/50 pins -
> still no result. The scanner itself har to plugs, one called 'computer' with
> 25 pins, and the other called 'SCSI' with 50 pins. That too dosn't work with
> the Adaptec.
        Okay, the back of the scanners might be the approach to take.
   Please list the connectors in the back of both your film scanner
   and flatbed scanner. I know you listed them above, but I am trying
   get a better picture what is back there. And, while we are at it,
   tell us what you have for SCSI cables, too.

        SCSI cables - The Mustek(?) scanner sounds like it is a standard
   25 pin "Fast SCSI" connector at one end. It looks like a large serial
   port connector (DB-25 connector, I think it is called), not the small
   9 pin serial port connector. Now, which connector is the on the other
   end, the Centronics connector (about 4cm long, one slot in the middle
   with wire contacts on either side of the slot) or the 50 pin high-
   density connector (looks like your standard female serial connector,
   but with more pin holes in it)?

        And, again, please describe the ports on the back of the scanner.
   Is the 50 pin connector the Centronics, or the high density connector?

        What I am hoping is that the film scanner has a 25 pin female
   connector on it that you can connect the cable from your flat-bed
   scanner to, and daisy-chain your scanners from the Adaptec SCSI

      SCSI                HP
    controller          scanner
        |                  |
        O------------------O                    Mustek
        |                  |                    scanner
                           |                       |
                           |                       |

   Hopefully you can make sense of the crude ASCII artwork. :-) To do
   this, you will need to remove any SCSI terminators from the HP, and
   leave the terminator in place on the Mustek scanner. In adition,
   you will need to insure the SCSI ID's are unique on the two scanners.
   There is generally a window with a number on it, with buttons top
   and bottom, which change the number in the window, or a little numbered
   wheel which you rotate to change the ID. I wouldn't be surprised if 
   both devices are set at "6" as the factory default, so they won't work
   together until you change one of the ID's.

        Also, go to Adaptec's web site, and check the cable options/
   connectors there. That will positively identify your conectors if
   you have any doubts. Hopefully there is a way to get things working
   without requiring any more cables or controllers. :-)


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