Bruce Burden wrote:

> >
> > I have a Photo-smart scanner (fro HP), attached to an Adaptec 2940AU
> > SCSI-controller, and it works just great under GIMP/xsane.
> > Then I have bought me an flatbed-scanner too, and I was told that it was
> > a SCSI-scanner, though it had to use it's own controller (an ISA-thing)
> >
>         I can understand having to use the ISA SCSI card under Windoze,
>    because the drivers will expect to find a ISA SCSI card. Anything else
>    and the install wizard will get confused. :-)
>         However, a SCSI controller is a SCSI controller, more or less. :-)
>    There is no reason for the hardware not to work, as long as you use
>    the correct SCSI commnd set (SCSI 1 or 2).

As far as I know, the scanner is not SCSI-2 compatible. Under install of my
Linux (Mandrake 7.0) the system can't find that SCSI controller, and in the
list it says nothing too. How do I set up the right SCSI command set?

>         I am not clear, but have you tried both scanners on the same
>     SCSI controller (the adaptec), or do you have them on their seperate
>     cards as provided by the manufacturers?

Yes I have, in several combinations. Even under Windoze the Mustek scanner
only works with it's own controller.

>        If you have them working on the seperate controllers, then I

>     expect you will need to add the appropriate Linux ISA SCSI driver,
>     which is probably different from the PCI SCSI driver.
>         First, however, I would put both scanners on the same SCSI bus
>     (the Adaptec one), and see if Linux will find and run the scanner
>     that way. The only (?) drawback is the Windoze software probably
>     won't work in the configuration.

As said - I don't know much about SCSI at all, so how about termination, both
the HP and the Mustek works on their own controllers under Windoze?
I don't care if any of them works under Windoze - I don't use that for much
(my daughter (8 years) is using it for games)

Best regards
Mogens Jęger

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