> I have a Photo-smart scanner (fro HP), attached to an Adaptec 2940AU
> SCSI-controller, and it works just great under GIMP/xsane.
> Then I have bought me an flatbed-scanner too, and I was told that it was
> a SCSI-scanner, though it had to use it's own controller (an ISA-thing)
        I can understand having to use the ISA SCSI card under Windoze,
   because the drivers will expect to find a ISA SCSI card. Anything else
   and the install wizard will get confused. :-)

        However, a SCSI controller is a SCSI controller, more or less. :-)
   There is no reason for the hardware not to work, as long as you use
   the correct SCSI commnd set (SCSI 1 or 2).

        I am not clear, but have you tried both scanners on the same
    SCSI controller (the adaptec), or do you have them on their seperate
    cards as provided by the manufacturers?

        If you have them working on the seperate controllers, then I
    expect you will need to add the appropriate Linux ISA SCSI driver,
    which is probably different from the PCI SCSI driver.

        First, however, I would put both scanners on the same SCSI bus
    (the Adaptec one), and see if Linux will find and run the scanner
    that way. The only (?) drawback is the Windoze software probably
    won't work in the configuration.


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