These are (super) models and known celebrities, and not porn star (or
(Some of) These pictures are erotic, and not explicit (big difference).

Ok, I confses...the reason I choose these pictures, is I know the majority
of my
audience are men, and this is just a (marketing) ploy to keep my visitors
coming back for more....

I mean, what would you rather look at? A bowl of fruits or a bikini model
(and considering how easy it is to get porn/nude pictures, I know there's no
point with me using these models).

Maybe such pictures are not called for, but I am making use of these
appropriately (I don't just choose any picture; I look at many - hundreds -
before making up my mind on which picture to use), and I think my choice of
have complemented the tutorials well...

Anywho, this is my site, and I hope I am doing a favour to the GIMP
community by
teaching others what I know, and I apolgoize if some of you feel I am
degrading GIMP
by using such pictures.

Apologizes in advance to those who might be offended by my use of
semi-nude models. Hmm...I should put this in my Copyright disclaimer....


Gautam N. Lad

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Subject: Re: New tutorial at CubicDesign.com

> Is it just me, or are these CubicDesign tutorials a little too
> close to porn howtos?  Must the object of the image touchup be
> a large breasted model?  I don't know about most people, but I
> don't really want people thinking I'm looking at porn when I'm
> really reading about one of these tutorials.  Perhaps somthing
> a little safer next time, like a bowl of fruit or a house.  Am
> I too nieve to think that half-naked pictures are not the best
> thing to use as examples?  If a person is necessary (like when
> flesh tones are required as in the latest tutorial), a closeup
> shot of Clinton or Gates might make a better picture (no, I do
> not want to see them in a bikini (although that might make for
> a funny tutorial), I mean a closeup of thier face).  According
> to a slashdot observation, apache is the http server of choice
> of the porn industry; is the gimp the image editor of choice?
> -James Smaby

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