David Moisan wrote:

> At 06:06 AM 8/17/2000 -0400, some fella wrote:
> >guy, but in all fairness, how about some buffed up men in the next set
> >of tutorials?  Better yet, a cute baby.
> No, in America, that would be considered child pornography.  It's
> ridiculous, but the same people that screech about women in bikinis would
> kill you, especially if seen in an office (at least one that isn't in the
> baby clothes/strollers/diaper biz.)

    A picture of a baby, even naked, is not child pornography unless involved
in some form of sexual act. Pictures of naked kids standing around is
classified as "child nudism" also unless involved in some sexual act.

    Personally, I think a tutorial on cleaning up photos that happens to have a
baby in it would be perfectly acceptable.  Encouraged, by me, because I keep
getting requests from family and friends to scan pictures of these kids they're

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