Ok.. so, reguardless of the women on the list being offended by the
sole use of busty women in tiny scraps of cloth and having perfect
bodies; you're going to continue to use only those pictures? Why?
Tell me what is wrong with a chubby baby in a diaper? a not so 
perfectly built woman in a one piece swimsuit? A man, even a not so 
buff one, in shorts of some kind? An old man? An old woman? A dog, 
a cat, the hairless mounse? A bowl of fruit, a picture of landscapes?
Each one offers different challenges to the user. Each one brings out
a new function of GIMP. Yes I know.. most of them fail to create the
situation in which men are no longer able to rise from their chair, 
but this is /not/ a bad thing. You shouldn't have to lure men to the
tutorial with the images. You should be luring them there with the

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