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> I'm curious - I've only read the first 3 Bannermere books by him -
> did he come across as leftish earlier on?

Trease was considered very radical in his youth, and his first books were
very left wing, but he came to think of them as rather crude, and later he
intended to present a more balanced picture.  But his sympathies were still
obvious (for instance in the historical ones set in the seventeenth century,
his heroes are always on the side of Parliament / Puritans, rather than King
/ Cavaliers, but with sympathetic characters from both sides, usually).  I
think, though, that he was partly overtaken by the political movements of
the twentieth century, in that his views remained broadly similar throughout
his life, I'd say, but social and political changes meant that they were no
longer radical as they had been early on.  The same is true to some extent
of the way he approached his writing; for instance, when he began, his
fairly subtle and very ungushing romances between some of his older
characters were quite unusual earlier in children's books, but towards the
end of his career he was commenting how difficult it was for an author to
write those sort of scenes without mentioning sex.

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