I understand that some right-wingers feel that there are attempts by
Pullman and others on the left to demonize them.

Similarly, some liberals and non-Christians feel that there are
attempts by some right-wingers to demonize them [I don't mean on
the list, but in general].

I'm not Evil Acting Head at the moment; and am welcome to leave the
decision up to Helen, but I think that perhaps the more intense 
forms of political debate should be kept offlist. I have already
succumbed to the temptation to debate inappropriately on another 
list; and am restraining myself here.

Perhaps we could turn this into a more on-topic discussion of 
elections in GO books? There aren't many of the 'big' sort, but
there are plenty of school elections.

And re American politics, there are of course the fascinating 
books by Ellen Emerson White, which I've read, but unfortunately
don't own.

Best wishes,


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