> On Wed, 2011-02-23 at 16:34 -0500, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:
> > While the close operation is common, it's not frequent, and
> > therefore
> > might not require visual representation on-screen all the time.
> Huh, I use the Close button pretty frequently. I guess I'm still
> scarred from when Esc didn't work in every dialog by default.
> Me too. I don't do file->quit since it's a lot easier to access the
> close button. But not all apps behave the same unfortunately.

I meant that you only need to close things a handful of times per session, not 
that you would use a different way to do that if there is a close button. You 
mostly would close the applications/windows that you open for temporary use, 
but you won't close most of the windows you have open throughout the session.

> There are some apps where using the "quit" button won't make sense.
> Terminals being the foremost one. I believe for gnome-terminal they
> are still using the same factory so a quit on terminal it remove all
> terminals, right?

For that, there could be a "Close Window" option in the application menu.

In any case, this is just some idea that I wanted to put out there for 
designers. Seemed to work for me, but it's up to designers to decide if it fits 
in with the overall experience.

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