On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 8:56 AM, Christian Jäger
<christian.jae...@rub.de> wrote:
> The 'close'-button might well be THE single attribute you expect any
> window to have; if there's a window you expect to be able to close this
> window. Also it would be pretty inconsistent if there's a close-button
> in the overview when there is none in the worspace view.

Agreed. I'm all for experimenting with new ideas, but the close button
MUST stay. Minimize I never use except by accident so I am happy to
see it go. Maximize I do use, but I'm happy with things like double
clicking the titlebar, if it means less clutter on the titlebar, but
every app and every window needs an easy and immediate method to close
it, and there can't possibly be anything better than the existing
close button.

The more I think about my previous suggestion ('hide on new workspace'
button at left and close button at right), the more I like it. It's
because both actions will result in the window disappearing, but the
buttons are far apart, so there's no chance to accidentally hit one
when you meant the other.

> The whole idea of substituting a straightforward, in-your-face obvious
> way of closing a window by an action that is more complicated and whose
> discoverabilty is dubious to say the least, seems  quite  unmotivated.
> There is simply no compelling reason for this change and lots of good
> reasons against it. It seems more like an attempt at finding a
> justfication for the existence of the application menu in the top bar -
> which is currently lacking.

The application menu will grow in importance as apps increasingly add
support for it. I like the idea of it a lot because it means one
unique space that never moves where you can always find a menu for the
app that you're using. But you're right, it's currently

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