On Do, 2011-02-24 at 20:58 -0500, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:

> > There are some apps where using the "quit" button won't make sense.
> > Terminals being the foremost one. I believe for gnome-terminal they
> > are still using the same factory so a quit on terminal it remove all
> > terminals, right?
> For that, there could be a "Close Window" option in the application menu.
> In any case, this is just some idea that I wanted to put out there for 
> designers. Seemed to work for me, but it's up to designers to decide if it 
> fits in with the overall experience.

The 'close'-button might well be THE single attribute you expect any
window to have; if there's a window you expect to be able to close this
window. Also it would be pretty inconsistent if there's a close-button
in the overview when there is none in the worspace view.

The whole idea of substituting a straightforward, in-your-face obvious
way of closing a window by an action that is more complicated and whose
discoverabilty is dubious to say the least, seems  quite  unmotivated.
There is simply no compelling reason for this change and lots of good
reasons against it. It seems more like an attempt at finding a
justfication for the existence of the application menu in the top bar -
which is currently lacking.


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