On Feb 25, 2011, at 16:33, Robert Park wrote:
> Oh, ok. Well, I'm an app developer and I have two physical displays.
> Before I got the second display (nearly 10 years ago now) I was a
> heavy user of workspaces, but since getting the second screen, I have
> literally never once used more than one virtual workspace.
> My typical workflow is like this: left screen contains a maximized
> gedit window, right screen contains maximized firefox window. Both
> will be open with many tabs at any given time (firefox displaying API
> reference docs, and gedit editing various files for my current
> project). Any non-maximized window, such as empathy chat window or a
> terminal or whatever, goes onto the left screen. I never, ever need to
> minimize anything because if there's ever anything that I don't want
> to look at, I just bring gedit to the front and everything else
> disappears.

Funny how we both use workspaces the same way, and both do essentially the same 
task, but have exactly different uses of the minimize button.

I think my values simply come from always having enjoyed and liked the 
spatially-oriented desktop. I was very sad when two events happened in GNOME:

1) Nautilus switched away from spatial-by-default
2) Nautilus stopped supporting "homedir as desktop"

I thought those were both fantastic ways to go, but it explains why I like to 
be able to manipulate the clutter on my desktop rather than simplify it into 
more group/task-oriented windows.


PS: Love the photography.
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