Hi Rainer,

> Am 16.04.2018 um 22:44 schrieb Rainer Dorsch <m...@bokomoko.de>:
> Hallo Nikolaus,
> if you need help on looking on the accelerometer driver I can have a look at 
> the weekend and check if I see something suspicious (I have not device though 
> to do real tests). If I remember right, the A5 have a BMI160, correct?

The A3 has a HMC5883, the A4 has BMA180, the A5 has a BMC150 and the Pyra has a 
BMC150 or BNO055.
So different sensor chips all seem to have the same effects.

Therefore, I think it is not the low level chip driver (we always use the iio 
of Linux) but something on higher level up into QtMaze...

BR and thanks,

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