Just catching the tail end of this, but we're fully planning to run
deanster, I've got the server space planned, and I'm looking to hire for
someone to administer. So all we're doing is making sure its designed in
a way we can manage. There's a lot of projects we're going to build on
this, and it runs off our main database (we'll be sending out email
asking folks to register additional info to fill out deanster profile).
This is one that we're completely committed to -- and it would be silly
to set up rival deansters off site!

Except that if you run the auth, then all sites have to be approved and
vetted... or have I managed to completely misunderstand this whole thread,

Well, it's debatable what it means. From my perspective it would just be independent sites -- could be any site online -- deciding they can trust DFA for login data. I'll go with whatever Howard's wonks want to do. It's not a critical piece.


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