Agreed. Ultimately there will be more room for this, but I want to focus
on basic model first. Also, the fact of limited expression will actually
drive people to two things we're excited about -- conversations
w/eachother and setting up their own nodes.


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Subject: Re: [hackers] Draft Deanster Design Doc

> The one thing that I would change in Josh's model is just that we are
> not thinking of this as a place for public expression ("why I support
> Dean") not because we don't want that expression, but because
> (1) there are other venues for it, and
> (2) it drastically (or almost completely) eviscerates the
> moderation/management needs if we don't provide that space--if there
> no "enter your own content here" but all pick and choose and links to
> forum, we don't need to vet who enters at ALL which is ideal (this is
> the big diff between us and friendster -- we don't have staff who can
> routinely check every new person and we don't have people who want to
> kill the campaign by posting obscene or harassing posts (that's the
> concern, not dissent).

I built this in after talking with Britt about the idea for future 
Howard Dean sites to include rotating "volunteer statements" as part of 
the design. Also, for this to work users need to be at least able to 
tell other people a little about them.

If you're worried about Trolls (people trying to sabotage the system 
socially), the best way to deal is to have a "flag for review" button 
ala Friendster. Let the users do 90% of the moderation for you.

> It seems if we can do that and roll it out, we can then add other
> features like uploading contacts and rating -- but I'm not the
> programming guru.

Yes, a phased approach is best. I'll turn out some more detail today. 
Then we start breaking this (and MetaDean) into discreet chunks and 
handing off the work. You know, the fun part.


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