Great. I'm working on fields, which are primarily driven by fields here
-- Plus. The other plus is info about the nodes they are involved in. 


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> I agree.  Giving members privacy control over their profile
> encourages them to share more information and add more value to the
> database.  (It's also respectful and polite.)

Preaching to the Choir here. ;)

> I've been working on an enhanced profile module -- please use it or 
> build
> off of it if it can help you.  Currently, it has the following
> in addition to the standard profile module:

We should coordinate on this. Part of my vision is having matching 
fields between an extended Drupal profile and Deanster. That way when 
people register for a Drupal Node they can check a box to 
simultaneously create a Deanster profile. This works both ways: when 
registering for a Drupal Node, the enhanced registration will ask, "are 
you a Deanster" and if so it will create a useful default profile from 
your data there.

Deanster could also act as a (Jabber/Drupal) single-sign-on point for 
any Drupal Dean Nodes a Deanster also frequents.

> I'll post a link to this module on the TalentDatabase page.  Please
> let me know what you think of it.

Excellent. I'll review it further.


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