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> IIRC, I've used BPXWUNIX from IRXJCL.  I was trying to invent a smarter
> BPXBATCH.  Worked well.  I was able to allocate stdout and stderr to
> SYSOUT in the era before BPXBATCH supported that, and with SDSF to tail
> those SYSOUTs in real time.  (I suppose Co:Z might now provide a better
> solution.)
> Gil,
>From you this is high praise ;-)
Co:Z Batch is a tiny little 10-year old utility that simply does what
BPXBATCH should have done.
It is free to use and trivial to install with a register-free download.

You are correct: you don't need an LE environment to use the BPXxxxx kernel
service calls. REXX doesn't have/use an LE environment AFAIK. I don't know
much about the System REXX environment, but I would assume kernel service
calls would work fine.   The REXX SYSCALL environment uses these, so I'm
not sure why it wouldn't work.   I would ask this on MVS-OE; Bill Schoen
might see it there and clarify.

Kirk Wolf
Dovetailed Technologies

PS> We are always interested in suggestions for improvement.   The last
change to Co:Z Batch
was a few years ago when we added support for JES System symbols.

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