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> Well thats the standard arguement " accept us as we are ".
> So one is not expected to change for the better.
> men are abusive so let them be - accept them as they are
> men can harass women - accept that
> men can use crude and filthy language - accept that.
> Men are wife / women beaters - so let them be - accept them as that
> I wonder if you will take any form of filthy language thats aimed at 
> your being, your sex, your caste your height or whatever. Esp if it 
> comes from someone more powerful that you. Or if its been systemaic over 
> the ages - centuries.
> So patriarchy is okay - just as much as facism is okay. - **Really*
> ***Come on** - just go through the entire discussion and try and see 
> whats been said.
> Make an attempt to understand, to see the issues involved.

Thanks a lot, ram- i don't think i could have said it better. It just
proves- you don't have to be a woman to understand these issues.

> I thought it was some of the men who were asking why aren't there more 
> women on this list. Maybe women don't need this list at all or they 
> don't need to interact with the men that this list is showing up ???
I think this thread has just proved the point- perhaps I don't need to
spend my energy interacting with such men...

On the other hand, perhaps they need to hear more of the "other"


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