Le 16/10/2016 à 20:45, Victor Westmann a écrit :
> I lost enthusiasm. I got the pt_BR translation file already in 50% and
> could raise it to 62% but it cost me 2 or 3 full days. In this journey,
> being alone, is more or less a burden.. I wish I could team up with
> Duarte who is a disciplined and diligent translator... but for pt_PT and
> not pt_BR. hehe.
> It's tough. I believe that, without help from more pt_BR translators, I
> will not be able to finish this file on time. :-(
> I wish I knew pt_PT to team up with Duarte.

Yes, it’s somewhat hard to fully translate alone, unless you’re a pro of
Inkscape maybe, or some kind of addict like Duarte and me. You need
someone to contribute or at least review/comment your translations.

Actually we’ve got another translator for Brazilian Portuguese: Roberto.
How do you do, Bobby?

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