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> Hi,
> Just out of curiosity, I'm interessted in what you are using on your
> desktop/notebook. I just want to have new ideas. Maybe other ion3 users
> have the same needs as I, but found better solutions.

Windows 7. If it's come out when I get a notebook.

If one can find an affordable notebook with a *matte* screen anymore,
when I finally need a mobile computer; right now I don't. Glossy 
*trinkets* attract the herd like fly traps attract flies, and so it's
hard to find anything that doesn't hurt your eyes anymore. Another 
thing I've noticed is that even tabletops tend to come with _shitty_
laptop-like keyboards these days with too short movement of the keys
to be comfortable to type. But the herd is happy with them, and so
all the time it becomes more and more trouble to find even something
half-decent -- that was standard a few years before -- let alone 
something actually good.

Yes, W7 is Hitlery [1], but better than Vista (or Modern Linux, 
and worse than XP or Old Unix. But you need Modern OS to run
a Modern Browser to use Modern Internet Services, etc. All 
of them shit, but all the time getting more complicated to
live without. Unfortunately.)

All the glyphs look like swastikas, they're so blurred [2].

They've actually finally _removed_ the option to disable font 
blurring from the panel where it was easily accessible in XP, 
and which you had to hunt a bit in Vista, and even after then
didn't disable all blurring. They've added a Smeartype tuner 
that lets you choose between a zillion types of blurring, but
not to disable it altogether. But it still seems to be possible
to disable blurring by a) switching to a theme with non-shitty
fonts, e.g., the W98-lookalike (Segui UI is shit), and b) setting
some FontSmoothing values in the registry to zero. (However, 
switching the theme resets them.)

Other than that, W7 seems clearly faster than Vista -- it's even
usable in VMWare after some initial disk crunching on my Athlon
XP 2500+ / 768MB. The sorry attempts at tiling by throwing the
window to the side of the screen seem like they could be quite
nice on a tablet, but clearly doesn't scale due to lack of tabbing.
The Ribbon UI actually seems like it could be quite nice if it
served as _documentation_, displaying the keys corresponding to
the buttons etc. when e.g. a modifier is pressed. But of course,
since Vista, Windows has _hidden_ all the keyboard shortcut 
(*beep* the term "shortcut" implies fundamentally flawed design)
by default; you've had to enable them fron the accessibility 
options in the control panel.

> Terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode

pfft. xterm.

> Text editor: vim

pfft. joe. (joe.sf.net)

> Mail: mutt with offlineimap and lbdb to read my Palm's addressbook.
> Browser: Firefox with "It's All Text", "vimperator" and "FireGestures"

All browsers that can the technological shithole of the World (Wide
Web), can do nothing but suck, but Opera sucks the least.

> Audio-Player: amarok (looking for something better with ipod, DAAP and
>               podcast-support!)


A simple player that lets me use the file system for organising 
my music, instead of reinventing the wheel and enforcing an
aoverbearing playlist system. (The ever so popular mpd sucks 
donkey balls.)

I've heard good words about foobar2000, though.

> Calculator: bc

bc? What use is it? Try calc. 

(Probably http://sourceforge.net/projects/calc/ as I get

~$ calc -v
C-style arbitrary precision calculator (version


> Backup: rsnapshot

I've yet to find a backup tool that wouldn't suck. For *nix anyway.

Using duplicity ATM (to another local disk), because I had plans 
of a network backup. But it can't handle file moves sanely, i.e., 
just storing the action, not a new copy of the file. Brackup
seemed like it would be nice, being based on hashes, but it's
just broken. But *nix has got these inode numbers which would
really suffice...

  [1]: http://xkcd.com/528/

  [2]: http://iki.fi/tuomov/b/archives/2008/03/20/T13_47_17/

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