> One thing I've been wondering is, whether a widescreen display on
> a laptop (not a dragtop!) is actually a bad idea too. And it's the
> trend. For most _sane_ documents, the height of the screen is more
> important than width.

That is completely true. WS and X-black-shiny-crap have been forced
upon us, nobody sane would like that, and we're pretty much fucked up.
But maybe some guy will get it right someday.

> (The Modern Web counts as sheer lunacy. In
> a few years, given the trend, it will require triple-widescreen
> configurations for all the advertisements and other crap, yet still
> have a single 5cm text column in the middle.)

The Web will not require a triple-wide screen since the trend seems
precisely to get the content on a third of the width, two thirds being
empty white (or styled) borders. And, preferably, long pages and large
headers, so it's frequent not to be able to even read half of the
latest post without scrolling. Just have a look at Blogger, Wordpress
and DotClear default and most used themes.

Yes, the Web has the exact inverse trend than the screens. I am still
wondering about that too. Who can tell what crap the
Web-for-phones-and-devices will give us next ?

> In fact, an approx A4 sized screen [...] could be quite nice on a laptop.

That would be great, readable, and not to mention easier to fit in normal bags.

Sylvain Abélard
"J'ai décidé d'être heureux, c'est meilleur pour la santé." -Voltaire

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