On 2009-01-11, Sylvain Abélard <sylvain.abel...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I also heard you can find companies that replace MacBooks screens with
> matte ones for $100.
> FYI, the "matte screen" option is $100, only available on the biggest $2500 
> Mac.

Yeah, they only seem to sell matte displays on corporate-priced stuff
worth more than your monthly salary. To people who want quality and 
are ready to pay for it. The typical idiot consumer is all wet over 
a 19" (wow, big number!) dragtop with a glossy (shineee! my precious!)

Matte display finish is like green paint: worth more than the device
it is covered with. \end{army joke}

(In theory e.g. the el cheapo Thinkpad SL400 should be available in 
matte, but all the shops only seem to carry glossy versions.)

Dreams of the past: Computers will automate menial tasks. Paperless office.
Reality: Paper forms replaced by a hundred times more electronic forms 
required to be filled by human slaves for management departments.

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