On Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:13:26 -0000, Sylvain Abélard 
<sylvain.abel...@gmail.com> wrote:
Of course, you probably hate the Mac's UI and its lack of possible
It certainly lacks configuration possibilities, but the multitouch
gestures make mac-WM less painful.
GeekBind did much about this, but does not work on the latest MacOS versions.
Maybe Nick has more MacOS WM-tricks, because I'm really new to Mac.

I suspect I'm just as new! The keyboard shortcuts for OS X do seem particularly 
difficult to remember (I have to look up screenshot and how to select the menu 
bar every time).

I only really use OS X as a casual OS; I can't manage without ion these days; 
floating wms just seem a pain in comparison.

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