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> Just out of curiosity, I'm interessted in what you are using on your
> desktop/notebook. I just want to have new ideas. Maybe other ion3 users
> have the same needs as I, but found better solutions.

I guess we'll see lots of interesting coincidences in this thread...

* Terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode
* Text editor: vim & emacs
* Mail: mutt, studying mairix for indexing until tracker does Maildir
* Browser: Firefox + It's All Text + lots of incremental search + profiles
* RSS reader: used to use newsbeuter
* Calendar: remind + wyrd
* Notes: emacs muse
* Video player: VLC
* Audio player: MPD + mpdscrible + ncmpc, sometimes MOC, lastfm
* IM: pidgin
* Dock: trayion
* Others: xwrits (one instance for micropauses, one for long rests), unclutter,
  xscreensaver (black screen), tracker
* Backup: unison, rdiff-backup

I no longer use it, but the giFT project had an extraordinarily elegant P2P
client called giFTcurs that would be nice to see revived (at least in spirit).


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