On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Tuomo Valkonen <tuo...@iki.fi> wrote:
> If one can find an affordable notebook with a *matte* screen anymore,
> when I finally need a mobile computer; right now I don't. Glossy
> *trinkets* attract the herd like fly traps attract flies, and so it's
> hard to find anything that doesn't hurt your eyes anymore. Another
> thing I've noticed is that even tabletops tend to come with _shitty_
> laptop-like keyboards these days with too short movement of the keys
> to be comfortable to type. But the herd is happy with them, and so
> all the time it becomes more and more trouble to find even something
> half-decent -- that was standard a few years before -- let alone
> something actually good.

I happened to be awake when the 50% off lenovo x61s coupon code was
posted and got one with docking station + overpriced dvd burner and
4-year warranty for about $1100 incl tax, much lower than when I
bought almost an identical x61s about 18 months previous.  That said,
it's kinda sad that the only reason it could be considered
'affordable' is that Lenovo was blowing them out so that they can
hurry up and end-of-life them (I guess?).

Back on the topic at hand:

Terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode (invoked as 'urxvtcd'), sometimes xterms
Text editor: emacs
IM+IRC:  ssh to {screen + irssi + bitlbee}
video player:  mplayer
audio player: mpd + ncmpc
display manager: xdm
calculator:  ti89 or just google/"feel lucky" if I find I'm too
feebleminded at the moment to figure it in my head
Mail: gmail (for better or for worse, since it entails a browser) [1]
Calendar: google calendar (for better or for worse, since it entails a
browser) [2]
Browser: Firefox (with "It's All Text" if I want to format code or whatever)

Firefox makes me die a little inside each time I interact with it.  I
fucking hate it, and it's all the worse because I noticed the suck
back between the 1.0 -> 1.5 transition, and it's only gotten worse.
Maybe I'll give opera another shot sometime.  Looking forward to
chrome on linux.

[1] on the topic of mail clients, I haven't seen anybody mention 'sup'
( http://sup.rubyforge.org/ ), which didn't completely suck last time
I tried it (early 2008).  Then again, shortly after I stopped using
it, I noticed on the mailing list lots of Architecture Astronaut talk
about splitting it into "sup the service" and "sup the client".  YMMV,
it may be shit by now.

[2] I used to use remind + wyrd with great success and much happiness
until I started using google calendar+mail for work.  The only thing
I'd really need for remind to keep working for me is a better backup
solution for ~/reminders than I had at the time.  Every once in a
while I think about going back to remind+wyrd.

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