> On 15. Feb 2018, at 09:26, Oliver Gondža <ogon...@gmail.com> wrote:
> As greed on Governance meeting, the next LTS line will be based on latest 
> weekly release. That means, there are no backports to be added for .1 
> provided we do not discover something urgent that would cause us to expedite 
> some or reconsider our choice of baseline - which we do not anticipate.
> Therefore, I would like to encourage all the folks that kindly help us test 
> the RCs to use 2.107 weekly(!). Note formally we are still in a backportig 
> period and testing is planned to start in two weeks, though with the bits 
> already out, there is no reason not to start right away.

It's been a week. Any news from testing, or anything we've since learned about 
the current weeklies? I've seen some grumbling about the XML 1.1 change that 
went into 2.105, but mostly people downgrading and resolved by `sed -i`. 
Anything else we should know while we can still reconsider the baseline choice 
(or nominate backports)?


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