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> Am Dienstag, 8. August 2017, 20:17:08 CEST schrieb Cristian Baldi:
> > Hey there,
> Hello hello,
> > [Various Issues I agree with]
> > Rocket.Chat does not have an official mobile client as of today, again
> > Ruquola could solve this once it is compiled for Android. Right now the
> > official way to use Rocket.Chat on mobile is to use some kind of wrapped
> > WebView which does not work well (when I had that installed I did not
> > receive notifications or received them randomly).
> Same goes for slack and mattermost, and these things are horrible.
> First of all: they are massive battery and memory hogs.
> Same goes for the electron based wrappers that are sometimes used on the
> desktop.
> Also they don't integrate UX wise.

I use Slack exclusively as the only work IM tool and
none of the above is true. I'd say even the opposite.
The experience on Android is pretty well integrated
and overall it's a solid IM experience. Not once the
battery usage showed near the top in the "apps most
using battery".

That's not to say "Slack's the best go for Slack", but
just painting a different picture, coming from daily 10+
hours of using it.

> > As Jonathan said Rocket.Chat (but really, any modern messaging system)
> > offers tons of features missing from IRC.
> Out of interest: what exactly does IRC lack? There are 4 things coming to
> mind
> for me, all of them with my personal opinion:
> - Lack of emojis and stickers: whilst I think it's great that I can send
> stickers of kitties hugging each other on Telegram, I hardly see a need for
> that in a more "professional" environment. Emojis are UTF-8 and thus
> technically work on IRC and clients can handle them, if they want.

In our professional work environment, we use emojis
/a lot/. Like, seriously a lot. It makes the experience
that much more...human. IRC next to it feels very cold
and raw, imho.

Martin Klapetek

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