Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
The thing is if i, skyray1, accepted the suggestion by skyray1, it will submit 
the translation and other users will not be able to see that suggestion as that 
string becomes officially translated unless someone decides to change it.

Yes, and this is exactly my example. Imagine you have two translators into Arabic, skyray1 and xyz.

1. User skyray1 enters suggestions, deliberately keeping them as suggestions (for the reason above).

2. User xyz reviews them and tells (by e-mail) skyray1 to go ahead (and let's say he leaves the final acceptance to skyray1, as skyray1 has best knowledge of that set of strings).

3. At this point, skyray1 goes back to his own suggestions and accepts them.

This is a reasonable workflow used by Pootle teams, and step 3 explains why it is useful to have this. It if still doesn't make sense to you, this is still the way other teams work, so there is no reason to break it.


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