No worries, if you say so, i tried to explain my thought process, but the 
decision is yours. I respect it. Thanks for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
Ahmad Alawsie

> On 9 Feb 2018, at 11:55, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
>> The thing is if i, skyray1, accepted the suggestion by skyray1, it will 
>> submit the translation and other users will not be able to see that 
>> suggestion as that string becomes officially translated unless someone 
>> decides to change it.
> Yes, and this is exactly my example. Imagine you have two translators into 
> Arabic, skyray1 and xyz.
> 1. User skyray1 enters suggestions, deliberately keeping them as suggestions 
> (for the reason above).
> 2. User xyz reviews them and tells (by e-mail) skyray1 to go ahead (and let's 
> say he leaves the final acceptance to skyray1, as skyray1 has best knowledge 
> of that set of strings).
> 3. At this point, skyray1 goes back to his own suggestions and accepts them.
> This is a reasonable workflow used by Pootle teams, and step 3 explains why 
> it is useful to have this. It if still doesn't make sense to you, this is 
> still the way other teams work, so there is no reason to break it.
> Regards,
>  Andrea.
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