Sorry for my silence - I continue to be kept from full attention by other non-WMF issues in my life. However, I do still follow this list, and I approve of all recent decisions, hence didn't see an urgent need to comment. Can't promise to be more active in the near future but will pipe up if something goes against my grain...

Thanks, Steven, for your hard work!


On 09-Apr-18 20:52, Steven White wrote:

I am undertaking several things that I previously announced I would do, because there were no further comments on them:

  * Rejecting request to close Malagasy Wikibooks—comment by only one
    LangCom member is not sufficient to constitute consensus to close
    a project that has no violatons of fundamental rules
  * Rejecting two related requests for a Romanized Pashto Wikipedia,
    suggesting that anyone interested in the idea propose a script
    conversion gadget to the pswiki community instead.
  * Changing the language code on the request for Marwari Wikipedia
    from mwr (a macrolanguage) to rwr (principle component language of
    the macrolanguage, also called "Marwari"), and then marking it
    eligible. All the content of the current test project is in that
    component language, and it will also be moved. (This will take me
    a couple of days to finish.)

I'd request MF-W, especially, to look again at the request to close the Wikimedia Macedonia wiki. I'm not sure if wikis like that are actually in the purview of the committee, and I'm not sure it's a good idea to close it officially, anyway. But I do wonder if the wiki should be locked until the leadership situation within WM Macedonia is clarified.


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