Marco, with due respect, I first posted a notice on this on March 19. I let it 
run until April 2. Up to that point, the only member of LangCom (other than me) 
who had commented substantively was Gerard. Then on April 2 I announced that if 
I didn't hear anything else from anyone in another week, I was going to close 
as rejected. And I heard nothing else, even from Gerard. So on April 9 I marked 
as rejected. That fulfilled all requirement of the current voting policy.

Frankly, I wish more members of the Committee would take a more active role in 
discussions. But I am trying very hard not to allow requests to back up, and to 
work through backlogs. So as long as all requirements of policy have been met, 
I will continue to move things along.


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Today's Topics:

   1. Re: Several updates (MarcoAurelio)
   2. Re: Approval for Santali Wikipedia (Michael Everson)
   3. Open Wikipedia requests dating to 2011 (fifth and final   set)
      (Steven White)


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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 22:28:39 +0200
From: MarcoAurelio <>
To: Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee
Subject: Re: [Langcom] Several updates
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> Rejecting request to close Malagasy Wikibooks—comment by only one LangCom
member is not sufficient to constitute consensus to close a project that
has no violatons of fundamental rules

Sorry but I find this rather innapropriate and contrary to LangCom voting
rules as stated at: <>
 and the
closure of projects policy decision policy <>.

There has to be a proposal comming from a LangCom member, announced on this
list and to the community, and thereafter a voting has to take place, with
the Board holding ultimate vetoing power.

None of such steps have been taken.

The decision should be reversed as being done against policy.

Thanks, M.
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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 23:17:27 +0100
From: Michael Everson <>
To: Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee
Subject: Re: [Langcom] Approval for Santali Wikipedia
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It lacks an Ol Chiki font.

> On 9 Apr 2018, at 18:15, Satdeep Gill <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Santali is a language from the Indian subcontinent with around 6.3 billion 
> speakers. The request for the Wikipedi in Santali has been there for long and 
> it was a part of CIS-A2K's 2014-15 Work Plan as well.
> The volunteer community has been working actively since September 2017 and 
> all the translations have been completed as well.
> In a campaign of supporting Indian language Wikipedia program coordinated by 
> Wikimedia Foundation , Google, Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), 
> Wikimedia India chapter (WMIN), two of their editors, Ramjit Tudu and Fagu 
> Baskey have received laptops for their consistent effort for Santali 
> Wikipedia 
> (
> I even got some sample articles from a volunteer:
> 1. Leonardo da Vinci
> 2. Thomas Edison
> 3. Abdul Kalam
> I strongly suggest the approval of this Wikipedia as soon as possible.
> Regards
> Satdeep Gill
> Community Outreach Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation
> Co-founder, Punjabi Wikimedians
> Treasurer, Affiliations Committee
> Member, Language Committee
>        Virus-free. 
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Message: 3
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 22:55:27 +0000
From: Steven White <>
To: "" <>
Subject: [Langcom] Open Wikipedia requests dating to 2011 (fifth and
        final   set)

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 (alt), and related request from 2015 for Northern 
 (atv): Altai is spoken by about 55,000 people. Southern Altai is the official 
language of the Altai Republic, and is the basis for the written language. Test 
has about 100 pages. There seems to be little doubt Southern Altai should be 
eligible. I do wonder about Northern Altai, though. It's the official language 
of Altai Krai, its test has about 30 pages, and it's apparently not fully 
mutually intelligible with Southern Altai. Amir, do you know anything about 
these?  I will mark Southern Altai eligible immediately; I will wait a few days 
for comments, but then will probably mark Northern Altai eligible, too.

 (sjt): Similar argument to Kildin Sami from previous set, though the enwiki 
article now says that there are two speakers left. There are about 20 pages in 
the test. Marking as eligible.

 (izh): Also similar argument to Kildin Sami. (Someone must have done a spurt 
of languages from Russia back then.) About 100 test pages. Eligible.

Once these three requests have been taken care of, all requests dating back to 
2011 or earlier will have been addressed except for 
 and Eastern 
  The last I recall, Satdeep was looking into that situation, and I am leaving 
it in his hands.


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