Hi Curtis (and all others),

The HDPE route is what I suggested a week ago.  And as for the cut-offs and shavings - save them and add them into the next batch you melt.  The ultimate in a "recyclable product"!  We can't really do that with our wood.

By the way, if you want colors (or to make some "swirly" billets, check out plastic coffee canisters and other containers in your kitchen.  Maxwell House is blue and Folgers is red.  One of them sell their decaf in green.  They are all HDPE.  Check the bottoms of your plastic containers for the Recycle triangle - you are looking for the #2 - which is HDPE.  I just checked my wife's laundry room - and there are a variety of colors in jugs labeled as being HDPE.  So you have a wide choice of colors if you choose to make some split nuts (or anything else) from HDPE. 

Be aware that Tim points out that HDPE is not a particularly hard (durable?) plastic.  But I think given the "price", making one this way might be worth the try - not to mention kind of fun. You can think of it as "big kids' Play Dough". 
And if it doesn't work well, melt it back down and make a Pulley, Pen, or Pepper Mill out of it. 
Since they put milk and coffee in it, I'll bet it is "food safe".

I can't wait to see what "NY Joe" (Biuno) makes using the above.  He'll probably go to a nearby car wash and get one or more of their 55 gallon drums made from HDPE.   He'll then impress us, once again, with his wizardry and mastery of manufacturing.

Have a great day everybody!


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Hello Everyone, Im back! ;-)

Joe I like your 1x8 tap. I have made one as well, very much like what you show, and it too works well.

But I have another idea to get to the same end.

How about using an Epoxy puddy  to make your half split nut for the Legacy?

If you wax your acme screw well to epoxy will not stick to your lead screw. once the puddy is cured, it can be shaped and taped to fit your machine. I have no idea on how long this will last? but it will make a split nut easy enough to fit the bill. 

Another idea is to make a mold with a section of your acme screw and melt some 

 HDPE old milk jugs. ??? much like what this man dose in this video.


Gota run now. 
Have a good day. everyone.

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