Interesting info / discussion there. 
I told the folks I was seeking the tap from that we would be doing a "through tapping" - through a max of ~2" into nylon/delrin. 
(They asked if it would be a bottom tapping scenario - to which I said "no, through tap".)

By the way:  Your mention of the need for it to be a "right-hand thread".  Don't forget Bill - "Down under" - he'll need "left-hand thread". 


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hi gavin... joe biunno here...from my research, what they would need to know is 1) how many flutes? four is most often the norm, sometimes three. would not do two as the tap might go in at an angle  2) type of tap...starter tap, plug tap, bottoming tap, and there might be others, I am not sure, LOL!. a starting tap is the most common and what is called for in this situation  3) length/height of piece to be threaded. here, they are trying to determine if you are threading a 1/8" thick piece or a 3" piece.  I would just say the piece is 1" thick +/-. making a thread into nylon/plastic is very easy on any tap  4) they will not need to know the depth of the thread. this is determined by the size of the requested tap, in this case an acme thread  5) and a right hand thread, of course...hope that covers it...joe biunno

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