On Sun, 16 Oct 2016 20:12:26 -0500
"Edward K. Ream" <edream...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 7:49 PM, Mike Hodson <myst...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 4:24 PM, Edward K. Ream
> > <edream...@gmail.com> wrote:  
> > > The zip file's name contains the commit hash, so the user can
> > > find out  
> > the
> > ​ ​
> > exact version.
> >
> > Where exactly am I supposed to be looking that I'm unable to find
> > this version/commit of the master?
> >  
> ​Here's an example.  I downloaded
> leo-editor-281522323a89c27b7c58338b1eaa624cbd383078.zip
> from two days ago.

The obvious non-git link is
https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/archive/master.zip ('Latest' at 
http://leoeditor.com/download.html), which has no hash, as Mike said.

> Using gitk, ​
> ​I found the Sha1 hash​ for this commit:
> Author: Edward K. Ream <edream...@gmail.com>  2016-10-14 16:13:27
> [snip]
>     Updated the 5.4 docs from my "to be documented" mailbox.
> Yes, the user must have git installed to get this information, so the
> hash isn't all that useful.  Otoh, if there were a problem with
> the .zip file, one of Leo's devs could recover any necessary info.
> Put another way, the best, easiest way to get any version of Leo is
> to use git.  Any other way is less convenient.

This is still the "should using git be a requirement for using Leo"?
question.  Without some non-git source of version info., non-git users
have no easy way of downloading a known version, other than official
releases, which is almost certainly not helpful if they're reporting a
problem and we're trying to fix it.

There is no script that makes these files any more, they're just
supplied automagically by GitHub.

But hah - a possible, partial,  solution.  Instead of this link:
we could use this:
https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/archive/master@{0 day ago}.zip
which downloads the latest commit, *with the hash included*, in the file name.

It's still somewhat less convenient for the non-git user, seeing
the .zip unpacks to a different folder every time you download it (and
there's a new revision, of course).  People just wanting a link they can
grab and unzip to stay current can still use
https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor/archive/master.zip of course,
sans useful versioning information.

Also, reporting version info. in the log will be less robust.  You have
to rely on people not renaming the directory, so you can parse the
version out of sys.argv[0] or whatever.  But surely no one would rename
a directly called
leo-editor-4373f88f0dd9b25daa22e0b31f2f23acf88fe3fe ;-)

I think we're getting rid of a couple of minor (well, ok, one-time
medium in the case of installing the hooks) inconveniences for Leo
devs., at the cost of the most robust and frictionless way to get
accurate versioning info. from users reporting problems.

Cheers -Terry

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